Fabulous rower!

9 Oct

 Eurythmics Doubleplusgood (28,5 strokes/minute)

It’s been a while since my last post, as a got a bit too busy with my other blog (freefashionchallenge.com). It has been 5 months and I’m 2 fitness leves up and lost almost 10 kilo’s as I changed my eating pattern. Today I had a great row at the gym on an old Eurythmics song and I figured I should stop neglecting this blog. So here’s my first October tip for you, because this song makes you feel like you are rowing on a ship as it has the perfect pace and sounds to keep you going for ever. Too bad the song is only 4:40 minutes…


Betty does it

1 May

 Betty Boo Valentine’s Day (29,5 strokes/min)

Rapper Betty Boo scored quite a few big hits in the early 90’s and this is not one of them, although it is a track from her debut album Boomania that rose her to fame instantly. Betty turned out to be a bit of a one hit album wonder though, as she released a second cd 2 years later that didn’t really was very succesfull. Even though she tried a come back every now & then in previous years she’s become more wellknown as a songwriter. Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite Betty Boo tracks and a perfect rower!

Training with Joan

17 Apr

 Joan as Police Woman Human Condition (168 steps/minute)

I think Joan Wasser – better known as Joan as Police Woman – is one of the best singer/songwriters from the last years and a lot of people will agree on that. What most people don’t know is that her music is perfect for the gym as well. Quite a few of her songs have good running pace, while others a feisty on the stepper. Human Condition is a song from the recently released album The Deep Field and is probably the most addictive Joan-song. You keep singing along with the male back vocal ‘human human condition’ while stepping your ass off!

Easy running

16 Apr

 Anita Lane Like Caesar Needs a Brutus (145 steps/min)

Australian born Anita Lane is known for her collaborations with Nick Cave and Mick Harvey. Her first album Dirty Pearl was released in 1995: dark, cynical and humorous at the same time. Her second -and as far as I know- last album Sex O’Clock was released in 2001. It has all the ingredients of the first album but is a bit more accesible AND it has quite a few tracks that are fabulous for the gym. Like Caesar Needs a Brutus is quite okay on the stepper but also a great song to run on.

Macy helps!

10 Apr

 Macy Gray Help me (29 strokes/minute)

I think this will be my favourite rowing song for April. Macy Gray’s Help me has not only the perfect pace but the melodie and the elements of the music really push you to row with more power than ever!

Just get through the first bit…

10 Apr

 Abba Under Attack (29,5 strokes/minute)

I always thought this could be a good gym song so today it I finally arrived to the point of my playlist on which I could try this Abba song. Turns out I was right although the first bit is a bit difficult as there is no good rhythm yet. As soon as the first chorus starts it is great for the rowing machine!

Peppy stepper

3 Apr

 Womack & Womack Teardrops (128 steps/minute)

Today the 80’s monsterhit of Womack & Womack turned out to be a perfect song for the cross trainer, as the slightly angry pace of the song helped me through that nasty moment when- all-you-want-to-do-is-to-get-off-the-bloody-stepper-go-home-and-lie-on-the-couch. I stepped on for 20 more minutes after Teardrops.