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25 minutes of stepping

28 Oct

I fell last week and injured my foot. It got bruised and according to the doctor in the hospital¬†I have arthrosis on one of my toes so I’m not too happy about that. Then again: at least I know why that foot has been bothering me for more than a year now;) Going to a specialist next week and on a website I read you should keep moving so today I felt good enough to go back to the gym. Besides the weights I did some stepping and rowing. Since I rather enjoyed my 25 minutes on the stepper I thought I’d give you the whole playlist ūüėČ

  Anna Ternheim Loosing you  128 steps/minute; What have I done 130 steps/minute 

I don’t know why but there is something about Swedish singers this year. I discovered singer/songwriter Anna Ternheim recently and like her music a lot. Melancholic but these songs have a good pace for easy stepping ūüôā

 Veronica Maggio Stopp (Keione Remix) 128 steps/min

Another Swedish singer I discover this year. Stopp is not as cheerfull and catching as her song Måndagsbarn but it IS a better song for the stepper as Måndagsbarn  is only 117 steps/min.

 Bryan Ferry Song to the Siren (155 steps/min) and You can dance (154 steps/min)

This morning I read a nasty review on Bryan Ferry’s latest album but I quite like his solo albums, ever since B√™te Noire from 1987 and Olympia is no exception.¬† Guess I’m just a sucker for melancholic music? Although I must admit a whole album is a bit much… ¬†Both songs from his latest album are a bit more uptempo than the songs of the Swedish girls so they give you a bit of an run towards the end of your excercise. The pace of You can dance and Song to the Siren is pretty good for¬†jogging¬†as well, that is why I categorized this post in running tool.



The limits of rowing

20 Oct

Today I had my first workout since 9 days because of a worktrip to London. As you have missed some new songs for your ipod¬†I’ll give you my whole rowing schedule of today; two extremes and a perfect one!

 Steve Winwood Higher love (25 strokes/minute)

I started of with Steve Winwood’s monsterhit from the 80’s (although it did nothing in the Dutch charts) . After a minute or so I almost skipped it as the pace is a bit slow but by using my arms more than usually I managed to row at least 250metres/minute -as that is always my goal.¬† So¬†I guess 25 strokes/minute is therefor the lower limit for rowing; this song is 100,5 bpm/minute, for those of you that want something to compare…

 Sarah Cracknell P*******e Girl, Basement Boy (31 strokes/minute)

It’s about 10 years ago Sarah released another solo album¬†without her mates of¬†Saint Etiennel. Don’t think the album did that much although I must admit I recently discovered this track. After Steve Winwood’s slow-rower this was almost a bit too upbeat. Penthouse Girl/Basement Boy is about 31 strokes/minute (often even a half faster) and given the effort it took me this might be the other end of the rowing pace? Converted this song is 124 bpm so you could use it for your stepper playlist as well -as one of the slowmo’s ūüėČ

 Björk Violently happy (30 strokes/minute)

After the Sarah almost exhaustipating me Bj√∂rk’s Violently Happy felt like the perfect rowing song; pretty uptempo but not too fast. This song should definitely be in your Row-ur-Boat playlist!!

Stepping on Dannii Minogue, I’m sorry (127 steps/minute)

11 Oct

¬†Danni Minogue I’m sorry (127 steps/min)

Sis Kylie may have the bigger hits worldwide, I think Dannii has the songs that are more fun, especially in the gym.¬†I don’t know what it¬†is with Kylie Minogue songs but¬†most of the time they¬†just¬†have the wrong rhythm for any excercise? Dannii’s songs are much better and I’ve been playing this one quite a bit lately.

Stepping Song; Beyonc√©’s Single ladies (put a ring on it) 185 steps/minute

10 Oct

Beyoncé Single ladies (Put a ring on it) 185 steps/minute

Okay’, it’s a bit of a quickie but if Beyonc√© can dance on it you surely can step on it! Once you’re well in the rhythm this is a real fun song for a workout. Make sure the stepper is in low restance though otherwise you won’t be able to keep up¬†(uh-oh-oh)

Rowing song: Don’t you forget about me (27,5 strokes/min)

9 Oct

¬†Simple Minds: Don’t you forget about me 27,5 strokes/minute

Probably the biggest hit ever of the Simple Minds¬†is a perfect singalong for the rower. That is: if you have breath enough to singalong although it ain’t that fast so a little hum-a-long should be possible ūüôā The¬†counter showed 28 strokes per minute one moment and 27 on another so I guess 27,5 will do here…

5 songs for 20 minutes of easy running

7 Oct

Today I ran 20 minutes on the treadmill and it was a pleasant time thanks to these songs:

 Julia Fordham: I thought it was you 

A slow song but a perfect running song in double tempo. If you have trouble getting started: you can do tortured facial expressions and say it is because of the dramatic lyrics. In case you want to use this song for your stepper list: its speed is about 148steps/minute

¬†Dawn Penn: You don’t love me (no no no)

More drama but then with a sort of happy reggae tune. Reggae often¬†is good for running, too bad I’m not a big fan. Dawn’s song is one of the exceptions¬†to the rule. On the stepper this song is 148 steps/minute.

 Llyod Cole & the Commotions: Rattlesnakes

The titelsong of the album that meant the break through for Lloyd Cole is an¬†brilliant running song. There is slight variation in the rhythm so you’ll have to speed up your pace at times which makes the thread mill slightly more interesting ūüėȬ† On a stepper this song is about 146 steps/minute.

 Goldfrapp: Believer

Believer is slightly slower than Rattlesnakers so Goldfrapp may give you some extra room to breath. Just read an review from earlier this year saying Believer sounds like the Pointer Sisters with a touch of Xanadu… I might have to have another go at my Pointer Sister collection? lol:)¬†¬† The song is about 143 steps/minutes on the stepper.

 Abba: The name of the game

Since you just a bit of a break becoz of the Goldfrapp song you’ll have to speed it up a little becoz of the slightly quicker tempo of this classic Abba song. No problem as it is the last that completes your twenty minute run!¬† On a stepper The name of the game is about 145 steps/minute

Stepper song: North Star by Faithless (119 steps/minute)

4 Oct

Today I ended my workout with North Star by Faithless of their latest album The Dance.  119 steps per minute are normally a bit too slow for me but as a sort of wrap up/cooling down it was quite good!