Archive | February, 2011

The Perfect Row

13 Feb

 Björk Violently Happy (30 strokes/minute)

Happy and a little bit of agression; this is an excellent song to row on!


Hypnotic Rower

13 Feb

 Vanessa Daou Autumn Perspective (27 strokes/minute)

Ever since the release of the debut solo album of New York based singer/songwriter/dancer/visual artist/poet Vanessa Daou in the mid nineties, a lot of the songs of Zipless have been frequent guests on my ipod. And even though I must admit that Vanessa Daou never really managed to make another masterpiece, Zipless (based on the work of poet Erica Jong) is a classic. Autumn Perspective is track number 5 on the album; a long, hypnotizing song with the good pace for a perfect row: empty your head and just work out… That is all we need some times!

Rowing with determination

10 Feb

 Saez J’accuse (27 strokes/min)

I’m not a big fan of indie pop/rock but I’ve been in love with this song from the French indie pop singer/songwriter Damien Saez, probably because J’accuse stays away from the usual guitar shit but does have the power of a rock song. It makes it an excellent song for rowing as well!

Dramatic Rower

7 Feb

 Anna Calvi No more words (27 strokes/min)

To start with an apology coz even though I’ve been going to the gym every other day again since two weeks, I’ve been a bit lazy in posting. Sorry for that… Because of my foot I still am only able to row (I think biking in the gym is SO boring) so I now have rowing sessions of about 30 minutes and therefor slowed down a bit in the pace. This Anna Calvi track fits perfectly in short and long rowing schedules. Calvi said in an interview that she sees her songs as mini films. You are starring in one when you put this song at the end of your rowing sessions, as hero! 🙂