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Training with Joan

17 Apr

 Joan as Police Woman Human Condition (168 steps/minute)

I think Joan Wasser – better known as Joan as Police Woman – is one of the best singer/songwriters from the last years and a lot of people will agree on that. What most people don’t know is that her music is perfect for the gym as well. Quite a few of her songs have good running pace, while others a feisty on the stepper. Human Condition is a song from the recently released album The Deep Field and is probably the most addictive Joan-song. You keep singing along with the male back vocal ‘human human condition’ while stepping your ass off!


Peppy stepper

3 Apr

 Womack & Womack Teardrops (128 steps/minute)

Today the 80’s monsterhit of Womack & Womack turned out to be a perfect song for the cross trainer, as the slightly angry pace of the song helped me through that nasty moment when- all-you-want-to-do-is-to-get-off-the-bloody-stepper-go-home-and-lie-on-the-couch. I stepped on for 20 more minutes after Teardrops.


Short runner

23 Mar

 PJ Harvey Bitter Branches (146 steps/minute)

If it would have been an old vinyl record it would have turned grey already as I’ve listened a lot to the new PJ Harvey. Even though you would not automaticly connect her to a gym, a lot of the tracks on Let England Shake are perfect for multiple excersises. Bitter Branches for instance is a good song for both running and the cross trainer. And it’s a shorty and could therefore be a good variation in your workout playlist!

Start the week sweating!

21 Mar

 Beth Ditto I wrote the book (31 strokes/min. or 128 steps/min.)

One of the songs I recently downloaded is the latest Beth Ditto and suprisingly I really really like it because for some reason I always thought she was some angry screaming rockbitch? I wrote the book is very poppy, happy and dancy. Perfect for both the crosstrainer and the rower (although you’ll really have to work on the rower to keep up with Beth!)

14 Mar

 Adele He won’t go (156 steps/minute)

Today I went back to the gym after a work trip from 3 weeks to Australia. Since I was a bit stressed to get all my work done before the trip, I started smoking again. So after 4 weeks of stress, sun and sigarettes the gym was a bit of a though cookie this morning! The good news is that I tried the cross trainer again, for the first time since I had my foot surgery in December. I only stepped for 10 minutes but my toe helt well, although I’ll know for sure tomorrow I guess? I you step Adele’s He won’t go in double pace you’ll have a perfect song for the stepper/cross trainer, and on this pace it will be a good song to run on as well!

Eurovision work out!

1 Dec

As there are quite some eurovision tracks on my ipod I guess it is time to discuss some Eurovision songs for the gym. You may not necessarily like eurovision tracks but the good thing is that they are never longer than 3 minutes so time on a fitness machine seems to fly!

 Vicky Leandros Après toi (rowing, strokes/minute)

This former Eurovision winner ( 1972) turned out to be a good rowing song. A bit dramatic and every now & then you’ll have to do some correcting as there is no steady beat but that makes the rowing only more fun..

 Kristina Pelakova Horehronie (rowing, 28 strokes/minute)

This folklore eurosong contribution from last year represented Slovakia didn not make the final (it ended 16th in the first semi-final) which is a shame as it is a perfect rowing song!

 Azucar Moreno Bandido (Stepping, 122 steps/minute)

One of my alltime favorite Eurovision song is good for a slow stepping session (so heavy weights on there!) Azucare Moreno had to start the festival when it was helt in Zagreb in 1990. They were probably the only act to start the festival twice as the sound tape didn’t start correctly so the ladies of Azucar left the stage furiously after a few seconds, to return a few minutes later to sing their ‘flamengo-house’ to the fifth spot.

 Paul Oscar Min hinnsti Dans (Stepper, 132 steps/minute)

Another controverse in 1997: Paul Oscar, represting Iceland, performed his dance song (flat modern beat) not only in full leather, but surrounded by female dancers in leather play outfits crawling next to Paul on the big sofa. The song ended number 18 but became a big cult(gay)hit and Oscar became one of Iceland’s most adored popstars (well… after Björk and only amongst a certain group of Icelanders…) and collaborated with quite some other artists. Min hinnsti Dans (my last dance) . The song was renamed as My Dear on the best-of album Rendez Vous in 2009.

 Verka Serducka Dancing lasha tumbai (Stepping, 138 steps/minute)

Verka Serducka is the drag character of pop & dance singer Andriy Danylko and this intriguing middle-aged woman represented Ukraine in the 2007 festival. The controversy of a drag queen representing Ukraine even led to angry and upset discussions in the parlament of Ukraine but Verka ended number 2 and Dancing lasha tumbai ended up being a bit of a hit throughout Europe. Rumour goes Verka wants to represent Ukraine again for the 2011 songcontest.

 Morena Vodka (Running/stepping, 148 steps/minute)

Morena represented Malta for the 2008 festival with a song about a spy in Russia.  It has a very traditional (quick) Russian rhtythm which makes it a good gym song and a nice song to run on. Vodka didn’t do well as a Eurovision song though; it ended number 14 in the semi-final and didn’t qualify for the final. Since good running songs are hard to find I still play Morena’s song every now and then though…

One for rowing, one for the stepper

16 Nov

Has been a while since I went to the gym, stuff happening in life why I couldn’t go, but it was good to be back! Two songs to share with you today:

N.E.R.D.  Hypnotize you (27 strokes /minute)

I sort of had forgotten that I put this song on my rowing playlist as while I was listening to it I couldn’t figure out who it was. Then again: the album is pretty new so can’t beat myself up for that… The song didn’t get the best reviews but on the rower it slides pretty easy on that machine!

 Sophie Ellis-Bextor Bittersweet (Jodie Harsh Extended Remix) 124 steps/min

Last weekend I rediscovered this song again and more specifically: this remix. It is not so fast on the stepper but this song gives you a really hypnotic workout.  Close your eyes and sweat!

hmm when I think about today’s post: maybe the titles of both songs should have been reversed? 🙂