Slow rower

30 Mar

 Mick Harvey (with Anita Lane) Bonnie & Clyde (25 strokes/minute)

Normally 25 strokes per minute is a bit too slow for me but a song with that pace can be good if you have a few songs in your rowing list that might be a bit heavy when you are rowing longer. In that case Bonnie & Clyde can mean a welcome break to catch your breath!


The magic Three

26 Mar

Today was the first day I was back on my old rowing level, pre-foot-surgery so to speak. If I row for 10 minutes I always want to make the 2500m mark but I hadn’t made that for months because I couldn’t keep up the pace. The three songs below are worth 10 minutes of rowing exactly… and 2500 metres!

 Tricky UK Jamaican (31 strokes/minute)

This short track from the latest Tricky album gets you going at a firm pace. The good thing is that it is a short song so before it starts getting too heavy you move to the slower pace of…

 Deee-lite Picnic in the Summertime (25 strokes/minute)

This old hit from 90’s dance favorite Deee-lite gives you the chance to catch your breath. Since it is so much slower you will have to put in some extra power though.

 Lissie When I’m alone (30 strokes/minute)

I’m not big on American semi-rock chicks and so I have no idea how this song ended up on my ipod. Have to admit though that it is a perfect song for rowing. The pace got a bit up again and the end of the song got me to 2540 meters 🙂

Short runner

23 Mar

 PJ Harvey Bitter Branches (146 steps/minute)

If it would have been an old vinyl record it would have turned grey already as I’ve listened a lot to the new PJ Harvey. Even though you would not automaticly connect her to a gym, a lot of the tracks on Let England Shake are perfect for multiple excersises. Bitter Branches for instance is a good song for both running and the cross trainer. And it’s a shorty and could therefore be a good variation in your workout playlist!

Start the week sweating!

21 Mar

 Beth Ditto I wrote the book (31 strokes/min. or 128 steps/min.)

One of the songs I recently downloaded is the latest Beth Ditto and suprisingly I really really like it because for some reason I always thought she was some angry screaming rockbitch? I wrote the book is very poppy, happy and dancy. Perfect for both the crosstrainer and the rower (although you’ll really have to work on the rower to keep up with Beth!)

Happy work out

20 Mar

 Kid Creole & the Coconuts Me no pop I (27 strokes/minute)

Even though it wasn’t their biggest hit, Me no pop I is definitely the best and most typical Kid Creole song: happy nononsense poppy tropical and slightly chaotic. Just what you need on a Sunday work out on the rower when you’re feeling a bit hung over after a big nite out! 🙂

A sturdy row

17 Mar

 Veronica Maggio Måndagsbarn (31 strokes/minute)

This was one of my favourite songs of 2010 and because it was registered on my ipod as 117 bpm, I figured it could be an okay song for rowing. I started today’s rowing session with Måndagsbarn and must admit that I was pretty wasted after Veronica had stopped singning: the initial count turned out to be wrong. If you’re in shape, this Veronica Maggio song will be a good one for the rowing machine but when you’re still building up your condition it might be a bit tough. The good thing is that the song is only 3,5 minute so it is a perfect closure of your rowing session, having your final sprint on this happy Swedish track.

14 Mar

 Adele He won’t go (156 steps/minute)

Today I went back to the gym after a work trip from 3 weeks to Australia. Since I was a bit stressed to get all my work done before the trip, I started smoking again. So after 4 weeks of stress, sun and sigarettes the gym was a bit of a though cookie this morning! The good news is that I tried the cross trainer again, for the first time since I had my foot surgery in December. I only stepped for 10 minutes but my toe helt well, although I’ll know for sure tomorrow I guess? I you step Adele’s He won’t go in double pace you’ll have a perfect song for the stepper/cross trainer, and on this pace it will be a good song to run on as well!